The Shaggs – Raised on the Radio

Raised on the Radio

Today the good folks over at Raised on the Radio came over, got me out of my sick bed and coerced me into taking my dad’s Ferrari out for a joyride. When the odometer failed to roll back I freaked out and wrote the following gem about the unintentionally avant-garde 60s rock trio The Shaggs.


Cheating Mix Tape

The theme for this week’s Twisted Mixtape Tuesday is cheating. I presume she means infidelity, not up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, select, start. Considering love and heartbreak has been part of music since someone thought to put words to music, I had a surprisingly hard time coming up with five cheating songs. Here’s what I came up with.

Oh that feeling. When the pain is still fresh, the ground has fallen out from beneath you and your left falling with a feeling of rage and betrayal with nothing to grab onto. Steve Albini throws you a rope of catharsis and you slowly start climbing your way back to sunlight. Thanks, Steve!

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Murder Balads

For several weeks I’ve watched from afar the Mix-Tape Tuesday happenings at with a non-stalker-y reverence. I can no longer resist the temptation of my two favorite things; music and talking about music. This week’s theme is songs that tell a story. I decided to pick story songs about murder.

OK, this one clocks in at about 15 minutes. You can get the gist by listening to the first and last few minutes but those who stick it out will be rewarded by Nick Cave stumbling through the line “And with an ashtray as big as a fucking really big brick/I split his head in half” from which I infer that he was improvising the lyrics as he went. That kind of creeps me out but in a good way.

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